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About Techhubcorp

TechHubCorp is a business process and customer contact solution enabler offering comprehensive online marketing, web development, virtual support and market engagement services. We support and inspire businesses to outdo themselves to become truly great enterprises.

Apart from its people, process is considered a company’s greatest resource. TechHubCorp has the right process solution and expertise for clients and organizations to achieve effective online customer experience in a highly social and increasingly complex marketplace.

By providing high quality and consistent customer engagement services across multiple online channels, TechHubCorp is not just able to deliver best customer satisfaction, but is able to anticipate customer needs thereby creating a more meaningful experience and lasting brand value for partner clients.

With TechHubCorp’s highly evolved contact center infrastructure for sales and marketing and process-based business solutions, partner clients are more confident in engaging customers across channels including social media environments.

Our Passion for Excellence

Our sales and marketing teams are simply passionate about exceeding your expectations when it comes to communicating your company's product and service offering to your target market worldwide. Using today's fully integrated marketing communication technologies, we tell your story to a bigger and wider audience yet still maintaining that customer connection.

Our Core Competencies

We are great at building markets for products and programs. As product marketers and sellers, we take pains in understanding everything about your market using the best available technologies and marketing program development strategies. By leveraging on today's highly integrated marketing systems and expanding social media, we constantly talk to your markets to check on the market pulse so your business can stay on top of the trends.

Our Drive for Success

Our sights are constantly set on breaking new grounds in marketing products and services. We hardly rest on our accomplishments as the market never sleeps. As we cover the different time zones worldwide, our teams are constantly talking to the market, understanding their needs, looking for better approaches to gaining a bigger share of the market, disrupting old markets and changing some rules that simply have seen its better days. We're are driven to succeed for our partnerships all over the globe.

What we do

Outbound Sales

We understand what it takes to succeed in outbound sales in today’s highly demanding market environment, and our high performance sales teams have the drive to consistently deliver the results you need from an outbound sales force.

Email / Chat Support

With markets increasingly relying on smartphone and mobile devices and applications to communicate and engage with brands for product support and inquiry, brands need to ensure they can stay engaged. TechHubCorp provides you with dedicated multi-channel support teams that has the ability to engage with your customers and markets across multiple channels in a single support platform.


We extend the power of CRM across your enterprise. Our powerful enterprise solution gives everyone in your organization secure access to systems and data from anywhere at any time.

Virtual Assistance

Our virtual assistants offer industry-specific knowledge, skills, and experience. They can provide the level of quality you need for your business processes and accomplish day to day business requirements while minimizing costs.


We offer several search engine optimization services to address different types of business needs and services. Our SEO services are always tailored to match the needs of our clients.

Website Development

Whether it’s just a simple website refresh or a more complicated project, we can help you solve the puzzle and make the process a pleasure. We want your small business to have an amazing website; if you can envision it, we will work with you and bring your idea to life.

Why work with us

Never before have customers been more engaged and responsive than in today’s highly integrated and connected environment forcing businesses to expand their services across multiple channels. A partnership with Tech Hub Corp sales and customer engagement allows businesses and enterprises to keep up with the increasing demand for multi-touch engagements from their customers and markets worldwide.


Technology and creativity are our tools for innovating business processes that continually bring significant improvement to our client’s bottom line and support business growth across markets. Our people draw inspiration from trying out new ideas to make business processes more responsive to constant changes in the business environment.


A better experience and a more positive outlook for the future drive us to excellence in building business support services for the world’s most important enterprises and projects. We put our heart into every project to ensure a progressive and lasting business process partnership.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen to our customers so we can learn and innovate. There is nothing more important than listening to our customers and responding to their needs. Today’s customers are more engaged and responsive than ever due to technology, and expect brands that they engage with to be highly responsive to their requirements and needs.

Our Locations

Cebu Office

Company Address: 14th Floor, Gagfa Tower, F. Cabahug Street, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines
Contact No. 6312531395 US, +639327854658 PH
Company Email:

Davao Office

Company Address:2nd Floor, Lucita Bldg. Sobrecary corner Lapu Lapu Streets. Brgy. 15-B Poblacion, Davao City
Contact No. +639777634370, +639339482879
Company Address:

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